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2 a.m. with Keats

Child Ward of the Commonwealth

Poetry Journals

Sixteen,” “Foster Kid,” and “At the Fernald School for the Feeble Minded” in American Journal of Poetry

“FDR” at Bird’s Thumb

Foster Care With My Sisters” and “Toaster” at Apeiron

Potatoes, Their Various Moods” in Righthand Pointing

The Way We Fled” and “Me Too” in MER

Sixteen” and “Foster Kid” in American Journal of Poetry

Eileen’s poems also appear in Naugatuck River Review, Main Street Rag, Poems2go, J Journal, Westview, and West Texas Literary Review among other journals.


In the Spotlight: Eileen Cleary

Getting to Know Eileen Cleary and her new book, Child Ward of the Commonwealth” at Mass Poetry